Saturday, August 25, 2007

To that "anon" that loves my blog

Here is the comment one "anon" has left me.

Well, first of all, someone leaving comments as "anon". I am not going to judge.

You all can.

Anyhow, there has recently been an "anon" who has been leaving a lot of messages on my blog. Perhaps cloaked with anonymity, or perhaps due to the untimely death of its maternal parent, the "anon" has been, well... rude.

Someone leaving rude comments as "anon"... Once again, you all can judge.

This last particular comment left by "anon", was left in the message section of my previous entry... Quoting I about my 13 Hutchison's recommendation at the beginning.

"... "Hutchison is higher than when I suggested to buy"

So 阿Q. Relative to the index, Hutch has been a huge underperformer since your recommendation. It is a hard fact...still u r trying to twist it...this reflects how childish u r...

If you can't take any critisim, just close your blog. Or simply do not accept any comments..."

Anyhow, this "anon" obviously has neglected to read my previous posting regarding anon posts. But hey, what would you expect, for "anon" is a loyal fan of this blog. (yes admit it, you love coming here hor hor hor) My fans are sloppy this way...

So "anon" have no idea that I am actually letting it leave messages here.

But lets get back to my hutch recommendation. Why did I recommend? you might ask...


its all about the odds...

If it works, Hutch goes to 100

If it doesn't, Hutch stays the same. No downside.

When a stock is priced to destruction, it is not hard to beat expectations.

And if only (really low) expectations are met, then the stock doesn't move.

No downside. X-Series is a true and sincere attempt by 3 to revolutionize the way unlimited-wireless-broadband-internet access is priced. I liked the odds. With the way the stock gapped up on my recommendation day, it seems a lot of you liked the odds too.

Also, in a previous entry, the "anon" called me a "smart ass". I am sure 99.999% of you (including my parents) agree with this particular assessment. That there is not a single whiff of "expert" from me. That every stock I recommend, you just can't jump in automatically, because I am just a "smart ass".

WHICH MAKES THE GAPPING UP THAT DAY THE BETTER. That despite the recommendation coming from a "smart ass", the reasoning and analysis was strong enough for people going in to buy! hahahaha

I need to ask "anon". Seriously, is odds, cost/benefit, beyond your grasp? Seriously. Is it Beyond your grasp? Yup it is! hahahahah The masses does get it.

It is when a stock is priced to perfection, that the odds does not favour the stock. I have addressed the issue of opportunity costs in my previous Chinese entry.

I need to ask "anon". Why are you so bothered?

You seem really bothered by my writing.

Like seriously... Why are you so bothered? hahhahaaha

And why, when you are so bothered, do you keep coming back? You love me hor hor hor THATS WHY! admission is the first step to the cure.

Here's a video for you. Notice how the reverend answers with 17 sec left in the video.
You are Lauren Cooper.

PS. This policy is once again in effect.
PPS. Seems like "anon" uses broadband. For your IP address ... = )


  1. Well, every criticism looks rude to a narrow-minded person...Just block my comments.

    U think Hutch gapped up because of you?

    If u like to think that I am a fan of you, I can't stop it.

    I may not be making much, but I am definitely doing better than those who buy Hutch and sell HSBC.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi guys,
    "one step back, the sea and the sky look broader"--- my poor translation of a Chinese/HK proverb.

    There are as many blogger personalities or styles as you can see in the everyday people you come across everyday. Reading the blog can see the different thoughts of people which you would never know in the real world. Isn't it interesting?

    My two cents. Some bloggers' style is meant to be opinionated, such as those political, or those who want people agree with them by writing long essays. ... good place to leave comments, criticism, and debates. Some bloggers' style prefer to contribute by explicit their reasonings or analysis, or their sincere attempt to master the unpredictable future, .... is too a good place to leave criticism and hot debates too. Is that contradictory?

    No... first, it adds colour to the purely analytic side of the blog. Balance the atmosphere a bit.
    Second, it puts rationality squarely with love/hatred. Quite useful, what do you think?

  4. to anonymous,



  5. Pakman my man, there's no need to lose your cool. I thought you are above it already. I mean, your stock tips may suck ass, but the way you handle very public failure is something of an inspiration. The day HSBC came out with its results, you right there accepted your mistakes, owned up to it and moved on.

    You have to know that as long as the internet's a public forum, there are going to be trolls and anonymous cowards, whose sole purpose is to get on your nerves, not to engage in a constructive dialog with you. By losing your cool like that, you already let those bastards achieve what they set out to do. You are a very public figure, and you're bound to see people who are out to destroy your psyche for their own pleasure.

    The best action for you is to just ignore them. Save your energy for better things man.

  6. dear 9gel,

    Just liaising with a fans...

    I love a fan who gets worked up enough to leave multiple messages.

    Also, it gives me a chance to explain to him/her the importance of understanding the concept of odds and cost/benefit returns.

    I just wish I can hug everyone who leaves a message here. Good or bad messages.

    But I cannot hug them if they remain anon...

  7. 那麼,擁抱無產階級革命吧!

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