Sunday, August 05, 2007

This how bad the credit crunch is right now

Want to know how bad things are on bond desks everywhere?

Watch this video of Jim Cramer on CNBC's "Stop Trading!"

He is hearing something that is pretty bad...


  1. 2007年8月5日 - 蘋果日報

    股神畢菲特:別人貪得無厭, 自己要識得驚;別人怕得要死, 自己要奮勇進取。
    Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

    按 揭 證 券 人 棄 我 取

    巴 郡 截 至 6 月 底 在 按 揭 證 券 的 投 資 額 高 達 37 億 美 元 , 較 3 個 月 前 的 18 億 美 元 多 1 倍 , 巴 郡 沒 有 表 明 當 中 是 否 涉 及 次 按 。 Pabrai 投 資 基 金 執 行 合 夥 人 帕 布 拉 說 , 一 般 投 資 者 反 應 過 敏 , 近 期 爭 相 拋 售 按 揭 證 券 , 但 畢 菲 特 卻 人 棄 我 取 , 借 機 執 平 貨 。
    由 於 畢 菲 特 看 淡 美 元 後 市 , 巴 郡 上 季 增 持 海 外 政 府 證 券 9.35 億 美 元 , 現 時 持 有 93.8 億 美 元 。
    巴 郡 A 股 股 價 上 周 五 跌 0.09% , 收 報 10.99 萬 美 元 , 今 年 來 變 動 不 大 , 但 去 年 累 積 升 24% 。

  2. My Sweet 經濟學巨人,

    Go buy some HSBC! For its yield!

  3. Of course, I have done it since 1999.

    I have been the shareholder of HSBC since 1999 and repeatedly buy its share when accumulating sufficient money.

    I have joined the monthly contribution plan since 2001 following 911 incident in USA and now deposit HKD$ 16,000 every month into my investment account to purchase the HSBC share.

    People ask me in 2001: you are not scared?
    My answer: why I am scared. I am looking for the long term & the capital growth.

    In 2003, HK had been suffered from the SARS. I was using about HKD $110,000 to buy about 1118 shares of HSBC at the low price in UK and transferred these shares to my own name, mailing to HK for my memory. The price I bought is 650 pounds (remarks: over 929 pounds in UK as at 23.4.2007).

    Most importantly, I am used to choosing the share instead of money given when HSBC announced its dividend to the shareholders from the beginning to the end. Let me take an example for you the case of my UK's registered HSBC share.

    You can know the Chinese words: 積沙成塔、水滴石穿。




  4. His track record of recommending Google on Mad Money is pretty good

  5. monthly contribution?

    different story lu...

    good job for your infinite patience!


    I too am on a monthly contribution plan... For Silver. woot woot

  6. 買大笨象,最好的方法,根本就係




    老實,俾你講中,一年target price:$112,只是你好彩!