Sunday, August 05, 2007

iTulip's response to Cramer's 4 Aug outburst...

Well I blogged about how Jim Cramer had a fine outburst on CNBC on Friday. Which from the point of his out burst (around 2:45pm EDT) till the market closed at 4pm. The Dow dropped 200 pts.

This is iTulip's response...

But the last question is an intriguing question indeed...

Will banks be allowed to fail like industrial companies if they face failure.

Or will the prevention of "systemic risks" rule over everything. I dunno... maybe ask Joseph Yam? Let's face it, there are no sector of the economy in all "free market economies" that are more controlled and micro managed by (non-elected?) central banks than the financial sector.


  1. Joe Yam hinted: if it is only for the crisis is only for the rich who saved a lot, we ordinary people do not have to worry too much.

    Maybe, this 7 yrs credit bubble has to come to an end.

  2. 看!資本家的走狗多恐慌!