Sunday, August 19, 2007



原來伯南克只係做 show!

"...So far in this crisis, the Fed has NOT injected one cent of liquidity into the system except for that two day bulge on Thursday and Friday August 9-10, which they completely removed by Monday and Tuesday 8/13-14...

...The fact is that the Fed remains shockingly tight in terms of the monetary base, which they have maintained at ZERO growth for the past 8 months, and LESS THAN ZERO in the past week when the sheet was hitting the fan.

Sure that can all change next week, but you wouldn’t know it from the actions they took on Friday..."




  1. Pacman,

    Do you think the Japanese financial institutions will be hit hardest in this CDO incidents, since interest rate in Japan is almost zero and Japanese money, most likely, will invest overseas in places like the U.S. Thanks.


  2. Which japanese banks are you looking into?

  3. Pakman,

    Do you think this turbulence will end or stablize in a few weeks? Is it another major financial crisis like 1997 or 2003? The local figures don't seem too bad.


  4. Local figures as in HK GDP etc?

    I dunno... I will keep my eyes on any further news.

    The market is now all central bank driven all the time.

    We have to guess what they are going to do next.

    If I was a banker, I will keep pushing other banks for money they owe me. Esp now that the Fed has promised money, other banks have no excuse...

    But once again, will keep an eye out.

  5. If the BOC has been exposed to CDOs more than expected, I cannot imagine how much exposure the Japanese financial institutions have. But I cannot pinpoint anyone in particular.