Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hutchison's 1H07 results...

Really sucked.

There are no other ways to describe its earnings from my SUPER BULLISH perspective.


  1. Hi Pak Man,

    If the policy in UK & Australia apply to Asian countries, it will have a huge effect (profitable or not is another matter). Australian are in fact very slow to react, not quite logical, a bit inflexible. They are quite loyal to their habits. You can say that they look at the style more than the content and practicality. It is hard to explain. They can say that you are right, many good points, but..... .
    Secondly, they are slow to accept "not locally made" brand. I think "3" in order to boost its sales, they better use more "dirty", "gimmicks", or "soft-marketing". Overall, local people's minds are relatively primitive. They just couldn't appreciate the added value. So, 3 has a long way to go. 3 if operate in China, or US, I am sure it will prosper. But in those conservative Western countries, it is another matters. A bit sad, but Mr Fok can only try his best.

  2. Guys

    My advice:

    Stay away from Pak Man's advice
    Stay away from the Kryptonite

  3. Hi guys,

    I think bravo is quite familiar with the Aussie culture and I do support that point of view.
    Hutchison had chosen the wrong country to invest. In many cases, the foreign companies do find themselves struggle to operate in Aussie. The Aussie is real protective to their local brands. Anything made in Aussie can apparently sell in a higher price, you could see that from the unreasonable tariff policy.
    Therefore, as a foreign brand like "3" couldn't be optimistic in the following 2 to 3 years. Take the example from "Vodafone", it took 10 years to start making profit from Aussie. In 2005, since started in 1995, Vodafone can finally make profit from its Aussie business.
    By the way, I don't think the same situation apply to "3". 3G mobile is a modern product to this modern world. To make this modern product profitable or acceptable in the old fashion Aussie, the marketing team in Hutchison will need every one to be "superman".
    A friend of mine is an authorised dealer of "3" in Australia, he points out that the majority customer base is Asian, not the white jerk Aussie unfortunately. To make these white Aussie joining, the toughest task for Mr. Fok.

    Good luck Hutchison

  4. "Stay away from Pak Man's advice........."


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  6. Dun write like an analyst in newspaper because u r not. Before u give any recommendation, please do your homework properly. U said Hutch's results were below your expectations. What were your expectations? What makes u think Hutch is worth HK$100? Your analysis (actually i doubt whether it can be called analysis) is based on imagination, not facts and numbers. Okay, your English or exposure may be a bit better than the average journalist in HK, but that does not mean you have better common sense. U think u r smart? I think u r just a smart ass, especially when I saw you on TV talking bullshit...

  7. Hi Pakman,
    I do agree to your commends and I'm your loyal fan.
    What is your view on last nights CNBC's sacastic queries asking the question a topic WHERE IS THE MORGAGE? IS IT in CHINA? AND ARE WE GOING TO CALL BEIGING? They said The two banks did not totally dicclose their involvement with the CDO mess in press anouncement yesterday.seems like the big guys are trying to sort out the mess in close doors. Is ICBC a partner of Bank of
    American ? ICBC bought BA retail in HONG KONG wor ? what is your view on the insurance sector ? where's the money gone to invest ? are thhey also involve in high yeild commercial papers as well. Please see what you think of it.
    Thanks PaKman. help me cover some of my losses. I sold all my Chinese banks stocks yesterday .should I buy to 388 or 753 ? 3993 ? many thanks. retsam

  8. To the last person that left the Anon comment.

    "...I think u r just a smart ass.."


    My mom has been telling me that for a while.

    Why stay anon? so that people can't flame you? hor hor hor...

    X-Series is a great product, the sales for 3 is not executing.

    Hell, I am still getting calls from them saying $XX for XX mins.

    Oh... As for my pricing model or in your parlance "homework", it is proprietary. So if you think you can take a peek, well as the English say, Fuck off.

    But I will say this, X-Series should have delivered subscriber growth in big numbers, not this limp 3% in UK.

    Finally, if you consider trading on a product's analysis before its launch is not analysis. I would guess that your line of business has absolutely nothing to do with equities. Because you are absolutely clueless.

    If your line of work does, surely you are not making much. My two cents.

  9. Dear Agnes,

    I dun look much into Chinese Banks.

    I always have this fear that I open the newspaper one day and see the entire management of the bank I bought shares in were arrested.

    But honestly, right now, no one knows who has what at what value.

    I expect the next round of bank shares decline to occur, if and when the banks (esp. in the US) starts to guide profit forecast for Q3.

  10. Hi Small potatoes,

    My two cents, I bet that "X-series" current strategy is not their last resort, if you can pay attention to the less obvious... so I bet two cents on Hutchison.

    btw, are u in this old fashion country?

  11. I love X-series...

    At least the ones in operation in Italy and UK...

    But the sales are not getting clients. A worry.

    I am based in HK.

  12. pakman please help ! I followed
    master Tsang recomendation to buy 3993 price at $15.50 , What am i supposed to do now ? stay on the side line or cut lost to change to other fast moving stock ? which stock ? many thanks .

  13. 3993's valuation is really really rich.

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