Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gold and Silver to test May 2006 top NOW!

You can ride this short term to beat May 2006 top of Silver and Gold. Which is US$15+ and US$730+. Yes... Even with margin trading...

Next Friday close will be very interesting. If both metal closes above last year's highs, it will be another massive rise in the making. Silver will reach US$25+ on the next wave...


  1. Dear 孫兄,

    if gold really pass through USD730 and goes higher,i think most central bank will start to confess their sin (stop printing more bank notes),the situation will similar to Iceland as you mentioned before,the interest rate over 13%.I can't imagine what impact will act on the world stock markets...

    Best Regards

  2. I agree...

    They will wack every thing (stocks, bonds, precious metals, oil etc) down when gold challenges 730.

    I would look to be in all cash (apart from my physical silver) when that happens. Only when it closes (esp on a friday US time) above 730 convincingly would I buy gold and silver in a non long term manner.

    But of course, it is always good to buy physical silver anytime = )