Thursday, February 08, 2007


孫柏文成 日唔明點解個啲真正愛黨愛國嘅左派人士(唔係講緊為油水而忽然愛黨愛國嘅人),可以頂得順班原居民。孫中山、毛澤東等偉人支持嘅共和國主義,邊可能容許 「原居民」呢個有特權嘅世襲制(丁屋權)繼續存在。仲有原居民都有分兩級,有新界同九龍香港嘅分別,市區原居民係賤,唔值錢,新界原居民先至值錢。點解有 呢個人造分別?係因為一條滿清同大英所簽嘅不公平條約。真正愛共產黨愛共和國嘅人,唔係應該即時推翻呢啲侮辱中國人、侮辱共和國嘅特權世襲制咩?我諗你哋 都係會為油水繼續忍算數。

前日聽到一句「人善被人 欺」,一位錦綉女住戶無奈同憤怒嘅申訴,就知道錦綉住戶受咗唔少委屈,佢哋都係為咗唔想再有12歲小童死,先至反對錦綉大道畀原居民搞貨櫃場帶來嘅重型貨 車通過。家又唔係冇條新路畀重型車行,點解政府會唔畀行?因為原居民反對,而政府又俾原居民挾持,日前嘅封路衝突係政府成日縱容班原居民做成。

喺 呢件事上引出悠來以久嘅問題,就係原居民擅自改變土地用途,將原本係農地同魚塘,改為貨櫃場、停車場及廢車場,掠水賺錢。擅自改變土地用途係件好嚴重嘅問 題,地產商改變土地用途,都要畀錢先至得啦,唔係話改就改o架話,點解政府見原居民咁樣做,竟然隻眼開,隻眼閉,冇出手制止,引致家嘅局面,係咪原居民 800票裏面有好多票?12歲小童要死,係咪因為曾特首要連任?

前 日班原居民拆咗錦綉住戶喺私家路上設置嘅路障,咁算唔算侵犯私人財產?點解警方冇出手制止,或者拉人,係咪又怕咗多票嘅原居民?大家都係中國香港特區人, 冇分原唔原居民,咁鍾意講強政勵治嘅曾特首,又唔見會做好呢份工?噚日,錦綉居民係全港各大報章賣廣告,都係要求「政府能盡忠職守」,英文可繙譯成Get the fxcking job done!


  1. In the beginning when plots of land in northern NT were converted into carpark for lorries, didn't the court rule that there was no law that could ban the use of farm land for "temporary storage"? Because of the lack of a legal basis, the government has been unable to close those carparks. Similarly, the contended road 錦綉花園大道 is a private road, and the government has no legal basis to interfere with the private use of a private road.

    According to news reports, the whole mess is now being sorted out in the court. Before a decision is made the government can't really do anything. But then I don't know much about the history behind the whole issue.

    I think, however, the point is whether we want our government to act without a legal basis upon popular demand, or shall we bear with it but push it to create a legal basis through due process? In this political climate, I don't know.

  2. i just try to seize every opportunity to high light the absurdity of so called "indigenous people"...

    The road for me is very secondary in this debate for me.

    Yes, I am a modern day pamphleteer...


  3. That's true. These "indigenous people" are enjoying privileges resulted by laws written hundreds of years ago, at the expense of other people in the community.

  4. They as a classification is a total eye sore for those who believe in no special rights at birth.

    The essence of republicanism is that no one is born with the special right to lead. And therefore, no one is born with rights more superior than their fellow citizens.

  5. Isn't it also true that the Hong Kong born people has different right to the mainland, pakman?

  6. Like how?

    After full citizenship. There should be no difference from the HK government.

    BUT... If you are born in HK and not mainland, when you apply for a US visa, because the US government does not respect nationality but place of birth, you get stuck in the mainland queue and not the HK queue, which is considerably quicker.

  7. no9