Monday, February 12, 2007

Umm... Bloomberg is reporting otherwise

Umm... Bloomberg is reporting that the total value is US$18.8b

Which includes Vodafone assuming US$2b debt.

Therefore, actual cash amount going to HTIL 2332 is going to be US$11.08b

or HK$10.13 per share for Hutchison 13 and HK$20.1 for 2332 Hutchison Telecom.

根據 bloomberg 報道,Vodafone 出價 188億美元去買印度和電。20億美元去幫公司還債,淨下來有110.8億的是給和電國際。

= 和黃每股收 HK$10.13 同 和電每股收 HK$20.1


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